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Anti Chafing Shorts - Long Leg - Black - Last Size 18-2018

Brand: Sonsee

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The super lightweight and breathable ultra stretch fabric is smoothing, not shapewear, which means these shorts are comfortable to wear all day.

Seamless construction means no ugly panels and a waistband and leg bands that hold the shorts in place without digging in.

The inner thigh is reinforced for comfort and durability.

Anti chafing

Prevent rubbing and discomfort, perfect for the hotter months.
360_ Seamless Stretch

Knitted in one single tube, our shorts are lightweight, seamless, durable and stretch in every direction.
Anti-roll waistband

A waistband that sits smoothly and comfortably while keeping your shorts in place.
Smooths, doesn't shape

Allow more freedom than shapewear and smoothing on every body shape.

Made in Italy. Designed in Australia.

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