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Fashion & Body Shape

Fashion & Body Shape

We love it when you our customers discover us here at Size Beautiful as then we have been able to help you discover what will help you feel beautiful just as you deserve. You will discover a choice of fashion from sizes 12 – 26.

Our belief is you deserve the ease of finding more choice all in one place a true one stop shop for all your needs that plus size fashion from natural fabrics to key trends for the season.

We believe that plus size clothing Australia is getting better each year and we're confident that, regardless of your taste, Size Beautiful will have something to suit your style and body shape.

Size Beautiful offers a wide range of fabulous clothing from plus size tops, to plus size pants, plus size dresses for everyday, work dresses and evening wear.


Discover our range today and be sure to let us know what you think as we want to ensure we offer you the best choice.


We know that getting the right fit is key to making you feel confident so here are some top tips to discovering what shape you may be and what styles to wear and avoid!!




If you have a waist that is fuller than your bust and hips. Your face, neck and bust are beautifully proportionate to each other, and your slender lower legs and amazing arms accent your voluptuous assets .

Your styling goal

Draw attention to your great chest or down to your fabulous legs. Keep your clothing line straight to slightly fitted with soft knitted fabrics.

Tips for what styles to wear

  • For tops wear tunics, V neck line, Wrap Tops , Fitted Tops
  • When choosing a dress look for a wrap dress or one with a slightly flared bottom
  • Your ideal pants are bootleg or straight cut
  • Light weight A line skirts in a soft chiffon or a knit skirt too
  • When buying a jacket it should fall right below the waist to the mid thigh. Also wear your jackets and blazers open to create a vertical line

Tips for styles to avoid

  • Avoid high waisted pants or a gathered waist band
  • Avoid short boxy tops
  • Do not wear large prints or one solid colour that may draw attention to the parts you'd like to show
  • Do not wear skinny jeans or tight leggings




If you have a rectangle body shape you are small to average in the bust.

Your waist is undefined. You are straight up and down and you do not  have many curves.

You are well aligned between your shoulders and hips. Your, hips bust and waist are in proportion with each other.

Your styling goal

To create an illusion of curves and a defined waist with the aim to flaunt your arms and legs!

Tips for what styles to wear

  • Accentuate your femininity with the following necklines:

Sweetheart, V-neck Crew neck, Off the shoulder, Asymmetrical, Jewel or beaded neck trims and a Cowl neck

  • Tops and dresses with bows, collars , ruffles or embellishment
  • Bias cut dresses
  • Define your waist with cinched, Pencil skirts or pleated skirts
  • Hip length jackets that gently shape the waist
  • Balance your waist by wearing narrower, straight or Skinny jeans
  • Wear cropped pants and trousers

Tips for styles to avoid

  • Square necklines
  • Crop tops
  • Drop waist jackets and dresses
  • Straight skirts and dresses
  • Slouchy jackets and blazers
  • Baggy or boxy tunic and tops




If you have a pear body shape you have narrow shoulders with a smaller bust. You have a well defined waist. Your lower body is wider than your upper body. Your hips and thighs are wider making you more fully figured. Your bottom is rounded and shapely.

 Your styling goal

To enhance your waistline and arms and add volume to your shoulders and upper body for a balanced silhouette

Stay away from clothing that draws attention to your hips and thighs

 Tips for what styles to wear

  • For tops wear Ruffles, Wide V neck or U necklines
  • Wear high waisted pants and skirts
  • For pants choose wide leg or straight leg for jeans and pants if an option
  • Wear A line dresses and skirts
  • Wear a shrug or cover up for layering


Tips for styles to avoid

  • Bias cut dresses or skirts
  • Baggy tops or tunics
  • Patterned or embellished trims on thighs and hips
  • Pencil fishtail or tube and tight fitting skirts
  • Low waisted skinny jeans or pants




Your voluptuous curves are striking and proportionate. You have a clearly defined waistline. Your bust and full hips create a beautiful and feminine curvature. 

Your styling goal

 The Hourglass body shape is the easiest shape to dress. Always give emphasis to you waistline to follow your natural body shape. Soft fluid fabrics that drape and clean simple designs will accentuate your shape most.

 Tips for what styles to wear

  • Tops wear scooped and v necklines. Tops that sit to the side.
  • Wear coats that have clean lines and jackets that are fitted and sit on the waist
  • Most bottoms look good on you but look for those that are fitted around the waist and bottom
  • Wear pencil and a line skirt

Tips for styles to avoid

  • High neckline tops or tops that are shapeless
  • Don’t wear babydoll tops or embellishment around the hips and bust
  • Shapeless or baggy bottoms
  • Short overlay skirts or skirts that end at the widest part of your legs


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